Company Auditing Services Based in Edinburgh

Services Available Nationwide and Internationally




In addition to our services in QMS implementation and risk management, we’re also fully qualified auditors.

Drawing on over 30 years of experience in the medical device industry, our dedicated team are able to conduct comprehensive audits, both of your company and of your contract sites. They’ll ensure that you remain compliant with all government regulations and are able to operate legally. As your quality management consultants, based in Edinburgh but serving nationwide and internationally, we serve your business before, during and after the audit. We’ll ready you effectively and provide useful guidance and feedback afterwards. 




Our auditing services include:

  • Pre-Audit Preparations (including mock audits).
  • Internal and External Auditing of your Company and Contract Sites.
  • Supplier Approval and Audit Program Implementation and Management.
  • Post-Audit Advice, Guidance and Support for Findings/Improvements.




Internally and externally, we’ll ensure you remain in compliance. Call  07934 149 152 now or email to learn more

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